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Hi, I'm Matthew Buchanan and thank you for stopping by my site, Grow Lights For Plants. I grew up in the northern states and during the wintertime the days were short and natural sunlight was at a premium. And as I enjoy home-grown fruits and vegetables I needed an additional source of light for my greenhouse. Artificial lights and grow lights -- especially cfl grow lights became an important part of my garden. Back when I started I relied for the most part on books. But with the Internet, it's much easier to get information. And with this site, I've decided to put all of that great information into one place. Here you'll find tips and techniques about grow lights and their proper use. Stick around, enjoy the view and thanks for stopping by.

LED Grow Light Review

In order to decide which kind of grow light you should use for your hydroponic or indoor garden, it may be a good idea for you to read an LED grow light review or two. An LED grow light review will reveal a lot of information about why you should choose LED grow lights.

Here is a LED grow light review for you:
The fact the LED is one of the most expensive grow light systems is undeniable. However, the cost of running a LED grow light is a lot less than a HPS (High Pressure Sodium) light. In fact you can save up to 90% of your power costs. A LED grow light for growing your indoor plants prove to be worth it in the long run. Also LED grow lighting systems or LED panels last for a very long time. LED panels can last for up to 10 years or more! LED panels are very low maintenance and does not need replacement bulbs.

LED panels are capable of emitting a full color spectrum that plants need for their growth. It is amazing because no other lighting system can do that without using too much energy. LED panels do not have a limited use. You can use LED panels during any stage of plant growing which includes flowering, budding and the vegetative stage.

LED panels also do not heat up unlike HPS grow lights. Therefore, you would not need to install ventilation or air conditioning systems just to make the temperature suitable for your plants to grow healthily.

Now learning all these facts in this LED grow light review, what more can you ask for in a very bright and efficient grow lighting system?

Hopefully this LED grow light review has helped you with your grow light hunting. You will learn a lot from any LED grow light review. Many customer reviews are posted online by people who have experience when it comes to using LEDs. A LED grow light review is helpful because it shows the opinion of another LED grow light user. Continue to read some other LED grow light reviews to help you decide whether a LED grow light is best suited for your plants or not.

Why Choose Compact Fluorescent Grow Lights

Compact fluorescent grow lights are a popular choice among many who keep an indoor growing garden at home. When they came out, they became a hit to indoor gardening enthusiasts because of the following reasons:

-Compact fluorescent grow lights are affordable. Not only will you save on bulbs, but compact fluorescent grow lights will also save on energy costs.

-Compact fluorescent grow lights emit very little heat, meaning there’s no need for exhaust fan ventilation unless you are still using a combination lighting with lights that do emit a lot of heat like high pressure sodium bulbs, metal halide lamps and incandescent bulbs.

-Compact fluorescent grow lights are available in a variety of designs and wattages, but do not require special fixtures as they can fit in standard sockets. You can also place the bulb near the plants without burning or damaging them. Compact fluorescent grow lights can be bought in standard wattages starting at 65 watts.

-Compact fluorescent grow lights work for a long, long time. On average, compact fluorescent grow lights can last for around 20,000 hours.

-Compact fluorescent grow lights are available in different varieties of color spectrum emissions. Here is a quick list of standard compact fluorescent grow lights and their use: 2700K compact fluorescent grow lights, also called “warm white”, are best used if you need your plants to flower and bud. 5000K compact fluorescent grow lights, also called “daylight” and 6500K, called “Full Spectrum”, “Cool”, or “Blue”, are the best choices for promoting the overall plant growth. In between warm white and daylight are a couple more of standard brightness: 3500K or “Soft White” and 4100K or “Cool White”.

Compact fluorescent grow lights can be bought in kits or by bulb. Aside from the lamp, kits usually include one or more of the following: lamp holder, hooks, reflectors, steel plate housing, power cords and plugs. Bulbs cost $15 and above. A particular 200-watt bulb is currently in stock and can be bought for only $14.99 on Ebay. That includes free shipping! Kits cost around $100 and above.

Compact fluorescent grow lights are ideal to use on shelf-design planters and light stands and any other kind of settings such as ceiling lighting. Many garden enthusiasts have become successful gardeners by using compact fluorescent grow lights systems. Try a system of compact fluorescent grow lights today and watch your plants flourish!